Family Weekend

Raporteaza film nefunctional!

Emily  is a rope-jumping champion of her school. She is praised by the people at school for her achievements, but her family does not care about her hobby. Emily wins the regional award in rope-jumping and is selected for the state championship to be held the coming weekend. She looks at the audience only to find nobody cheering for her, and the seats for her family are empty. She gets upset and confronts her family at home. They refuse to attend any future competitions of hers. To bring the family together, Emily keeps her parents hostage with the help of her siblings, grandmother and a school friend and neighbor. She is able to hold them for 24 hours. She ultimately makes them realize that everyone is important. They all attend the championship to cheer her. She wins second place, but the police apprehend her for attacking her mother’s boyfriend at her home who had tried to foil her kidnapping plot. The film ends with Emily surviving in prison with her rope-jumping to keep her busy and her family coming to bring her back home.